Industry Service Focus: Administration and Human Resources

Asia joined Renner and Company in January 2023. She has a flexible position with many responsibilities ranging between managing deadlines, scheduling, and electronically filing returns to providing human resources assistance. Asia handles onboarding and offboarding staff members, employee benefits, and entering time summaries.

Ms. Williams communicates with external parties and works as the point of contact for IT assistance. Additionally, she oversees office space, supplies, and equipment as part of her job duties, which help to maintain a tidy and effective workplace.

Asia received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Drexel University in 2022. She grew up in Philadelphia, Pa., and moved to Alexandria in the summer of 2022. Asia is bilingual, English and Mandarin, and she was the Secretarial Support Chair Member for Psi Chi, the psychology honor society at Drexel.

Outside of work, Asia’s hobbies include photography, art, music and traveling. She enjoys trying new things and spending time with family.