We’re known for long-term client relationships founded on trusted consulting, accounting and tax services, as well as our thorough and independent auditing services that can flex to meet client deadlines. Whether we are serving a nonprofit, business or individual client, every Renner engagement is built on a solid foundation of transparency, responsive communication and a custom approach that meets evolving client needs.

For small businesses and global firms alike, we provide support ranging from managing daily transactions efficiently to calculating key performance indicators and providing annual guidance on tax planning and next steps. We perform reviews of financial statements and audits to meet lender requirements. Our engagement style is always based on how to best fit the need at hand, and we aim to ensure your systems and processes leverage the most suitable, secure and efficient technologies available.

For individual clients, our tax planning and advisory services help you prepare for the best possible outcomes and plan into the future. Our tax preparation services help take the stress out of tax filing.

For nonprofit organizations, we lay a strong foundation of operational success so that staff and volunteer leaders can focus on advancing their mission, where their skills and expertise are maximized. We offer the guidance and clarity to help Boards of Directors and leadership teams understand the context determining their financial and strategic outlook.

For organizations requiring an independent audit, our attest services team performs audits of financial statements, including audits of federal award recipients required under OMB Uniform Guidance.