Our audit work is guided by industry standards and validated by an independent peer review process. We plan our audit engagements to meet your timeline and keep you informed during the entire project, periodically scheduling conferences to promote communication between the engagement team and management. We enhance your understanding of the audit process while adhering to strict professional guidelines.

  • Tailored Approach: Our flexible approach directs effort where it is needed most. We gather information to analyze and identify risk, deploying resources where there is the highest likelihood of errors or misstatements.
  • Effective Planning: We plan the audit to deliver financial statements according to your desired timeline. We begin planning and coordinating the audit timeline with you as soon as the selection process is complete. We provide a list of needed information so you can locate requested documentation and share it efficiently.
  • Internal Controls: We obtain or update our understanding of your internal controls, especially in expenses and disbursements, revenue collection, investments, payroll, credit card and expense reimbursements and financial reporting. We use the information to help plan the audit procedures and brainstorm risks that need to be addressed. We evaluate the results of our audit procedures, discuss them with you, write up our reports and perform a multilayer review.
  • Precise Procedures: After obtaining an understanding of internal controls, we perform audit procedures, including account analysis and testing of transactions. We utilize modern data analytics tools to promote effectiveness and efficiency. 
  • Preferred Presentations: Boards appreciate our clear, concise presentations that include clarifying visuals and an overview of key concepts.